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How does this all work?

Remote bookkeeping allows the business owner to obtain accurate financial statements through a non intrusive process. This process will most likely involve providing access to bank, credit card, and other revenue and expense records necessary to classify transactions in the most beneficial manner for your business. Other financial records can be easily scanned and emailed to your personal Box.com account for easy access for your assigned bookkeeping specialist and for your future reference. During each period we will provide some analysis of your financial detail to help you plane for the future and provide you with recommendations that you can use to help your business become more profitable.

In each of our package plans you will receive a group of reports on a monthly or quarterly basis emailed to you. These reports will at the minimum include the previous periods Income Statement, a year to date Income Statement and a current Balance Sheet.

If you currently are keeping your own accounting records, we can import those financial records into our QuickBooks Online solution where you will have access to the information at any point. If you are starting from scratch we will set up your chart of accounts for you.

Can Universal Bookkeeper help with company specific research?

Typical research that we can perform for you would include (but is not limited to) answering questions such as:

I am trying to find a better way to keep track of my employee time
– We will research and provide you with a timekeeping solution and procedure that fits your company’s requirements.

I currently buy all of my supplies locally, and I want to see if there are better prices available but don’t have time in my day to devote to this task
– We will do the research on your supply or product and find you a more cost effective or convenient way to purchase the items that you need on a regular basis to save you money.

I need a better way to keep track of my accounts receivable and accounts payable
– Though we currently offer these solutions for business, we will perform an analysis on your company’s needs to see what is the most cost effective way for better manage these areas of your business.

Our goal is to help your business succeed even if the solution isn’t a service provided by Universal Bookkeeper.