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The difference between a Traditional and Roth IRA – what you need to know!

Many people are considering ways to save for retirement around this time of year.  If you are self employed or do not have a retirement option at your current job, an IRA is a simple way to start saving for Learn more

What you need before you hire your first employee

Ever wonder what you need before you start to pay your first employee?  Check out this video for a quick overview what you need so that you do it right the first time. Learn more

Retirement Options for Small Business Owners

Ever wonder what options you have if you are a small business owner and would like to strategically plan for retirement?  Watch the video below to get some ideas on your options.   Learn more

How to Book an Appointment for 2017 Tax Preparation

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Personal Financial Planning Advice for Millennials

Most Millennials are stressed out with their finances. One of the best things you can do at an early stage is to sit down with a Financial Advisor to give you an objective plan to set you on the right Learn more

Black Friday Special

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Year End IRA Planning Tips with MCB Consultants

Had a chance to sit down with Bill Matteson from MCB Consultants to talk about year end IRA strategies.  Here is what he had to say! Learn more

Simply Business Event Promo – 11/15/17

Discover what you need to do to get your business over the finish line in 2017, and learn strategies that you can implement now to make 2018 even better. This workshop is hosted by Justin Miller of Universal Bookkeeper, Paul Learn more

Early Mortgage Payoff Strategies

In the next few weeks, I am buying a new house which got me thinking about how I could potentially pay off the mortgage faster and earlier than the traditional 30 year term.  I have come up with an example Learn more

Check out this site to play with your Paycheck and Tax Return

Hi Everyone, If you are like me, then you sometime want to see how your tax return would fare if you were to have more money withheld from each paycheck.  TaxAct has a great tool that will allow you to Learn more